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Early American Fiction Collection

Anthology: The Atlantic Club-Book (1834)

The Atlantic club-book: being sketches in prose and verse, by various authors ...

Published by Harper and Brothers, New York

Works from this anthology in the EAF Collection:

Fay, Theodore Sedgwick "The Author"

Fay, Theodore Sedgwick, "The Little Hard-Faced Old Gentleman"

Fay, Theodore Sedgwick, "An Outline Sketch"

Fay, Theodore Sedgwick, "Snorers"

Morris, George Pope, "Sketches from the Springs"

Paulding, James Kirke, "Jonathan's Visit to the Celestial Empire"

Paulding, James Kirke, "Knickerbocker Hall; or, The Origin of the Baker's Dozen"

Payne, John Howard, "Benefactors"

Simms, William Gilmore, "A Sea Piece"