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EAF Author: George Pope Morris (1802-1864)

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George Pope Morris, also known as General Morris, was born in Philadelphia. Journalist and poet, Morris was founder of the New York Mirror and associate editor of the Home Journal Post. His literary works include the poem "My Mother's Bible," the drama Brier Cliff, The Deserted Bride and Other Poems; and The Songs and Ballads. The poem "Woodman, Spare That Tree" is Morris's best known work.

Works in the EAF Collection

The Little Frenchman and His Water Lots, with Other Sketches of the Times (1839) (Restricted)

"Sketches from the Springs" from The Atlantic Club Book (1834) (Restricted)

Contemporary Biographies

From Oscar Fay Adams, A Dictionary of American Authors (1901)

From Samuel Austin Allibone, A Critical Dictionary of English Literature (1900)

From Evert A. Duyckinck, Cyclopaedia of American Literature (1856)