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EAF Author: James Hall (1793-1868)

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James Hall, a lawyer, judge, and writer, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hall served in the U.S. Army and distinguished himself in battle. In Illinois, he served as Circuit Attorney, a post which required travel among ten counties -- travels which influenced his writings on "the West." He also edited the Illinois Gazette, was elected Judge of the Circuit Court, served as State Treasurer, and later became involved in banking. Hall's works include Letters from the West, Legends of the West, Sketches of the West, Life of General Harrison, and History of the Indian Tribes.

Works in the EAF Collection

The Harpe's Head: A Legend of Kentucky (1833) (Restricted)

Legends of the West (1832) (Restricted)

The Soldier's Bride and Other Tales (1833) (Restricted)

Tales of the Border (1835) (Restricted)

The Wilderness and the War Path (1846) (Restricted)

Contemporary Biographies

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From Samuel Austin Allibone, A Critical Dictionary of English Literature (1900)

From Evert A. Duyckinck, Cyclopaedia of American Literature (1856)