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EAF Author: John Townsend Trowbridge

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John Townsend Trowbridge, was born in 1827 and lived in Arlington, Massachusetts. His novels include Neighbor Jackwood, an antislavery novel; Lucy Arlyn; Coupon Bonds, and Other Stories; Farnell's Folly; and Neighbors' Wives. He was also the author of many children's stories and poetry, including The Vagabonds and The Emigrant's Story.

Works in the EAF Collection

"The Adopted Son: or, The Reward of Charity" , from Albert Simmons; or, The Midshipman's Revenge (1849) (Restricted)

Coupon Bonds, and Other Stories (1873)

The Deserted Family; or, Wanderings of an Outcast by Paul Creyton [pseud] (1853) (Restricted)

Kate the Accomplice; or, The Preacher and the Burglar by Paul Creyton [pseud] (1849) (Restricted)

Lucy Arlyn (1866) (Restricted)

Martin Merrivale: His X Mark by Paul Creyton [pseud] (1854) (Restricted)

Neighbor Jackwood by Paul Creyton [pseud] (1857) (Restricted)

Neighbors' Wives (1867) (Restricted)

Contemporary Biographies

From Oscar Fay Adams, A Dictionary of American Authors (1901)

From Samuel Austin Allibone, A Critical Dictionary of English Literature (1900)