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EAF Author: Robert Traill Spence Lowell (1816-1891)

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Robert Traill Spence Lowell was born in Boston. In addition to a novelist and poet, Lowell was an educator (he served at various times as a school headmaster and a college professor) and an Episcopal priest. He tended to draw on places he lived for his works; the novel The New Priest in Conception Bay is set in Newfoundland--also the scene of Lowell's first pastoral appointment.

Works in the EAF Collection

Antony Brade (1874) (Restricted)

The New Priest in Conception Bay (1858) [Volume 1] [Volume 2] (Restricted)

"A Raft That No Man Made" from Atlantic Tales (1866) (Restricted)

Contemporary Biographies

From Oscar Fay Adams, A Dictionary of American Authors (1901)

From Samuel Austin Allibone, A Critical Dictionary of English Literature (1900)

From Evert A. Duyckinck, Cyclopaedia of American Literature (1856)

Other Resources

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