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EAF Author: William Wells Brown (1815-1884)

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William Wells Brown took the name Wells Brown from the man who helped him escape from slavery. An abolitionist, lecturer, and writer, Brown's works include his own Narrative of William W Brown, A Fugitive Slave and The Negro in the American Rebellion. In 1853, Brown's novel Clotel, or The President's Daughter, was published in London. It was based on “the rumor which William Lloyd Garrison was spreading in his press to the effect that Thomas Jefferson's alleged 'slave-daughter' had lately been sold for $1000 on the New Orleans market.” The novel was first published in America in 1864 with the title Clotelle; A Tale of the Southern States. In the American edition, an anonymous senator, rather than Jefferson, portrays Clotelle's father.

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Clotelle; A Tale of the Southern States (1864) (Restricted)

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Clotel: An Electronic Scholarly Edition (Currently Restricted Access Only)