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  • Baumann, Melinda J.: Virginia Goes Fer Gopher (10 KB)
  • Camden, Beth Picknally: Training for Acquisitions in an Online Environment (11 KB)
  • Camden, Beth Picknally: Controlling a Cataloging Backlog (27 KB)
  • Haggard, Robert: Jack the Ripper As the Threat of Outcast London (59 KB)
  • Lester, Linda: Traditional Library Services and the Research Process: Are Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Getting What They Need? ( KB)
  • McGann, Jerome J.: Radiant Textuality (35 KB)
  • McGann, Jerome J.: The Rationale of Hypertext (63 KB)
  • Onuf, Peter S.: Thomas Jefferson, Federalist (47 KB)
  • Pels, Rebecca: The Pressures of PATCO: Strikes and Stress in the 1980s (74 KB)
  • Samuels, Lisa: Relinquish Intellectual Property (39 KB)
  • Shaw, Donald: El Tema del Incesto en Faulkner y Garcia Marquez (39 KB)*
  • Shaw, Donald: Spanish Romanticism and Spanish Romantic Drama (135 KB)*
  • Shaw, Donald: Acerca de Pelayo de Quintana (29 KB)*
  • Shaw, Donald: Rivas and Tragedy: The Cases of El Duque de Aquitania and Malek-Adhel (39 KB)*
  • Shaw, Donald: The Narrative Strategy of "La palabra asesino" (27 KB)*
  • Shaw, Donald: On the New Novel in Spanish America (44 KB)*
  • Spacks, Patricia M.: Logics of Self-Love (52 KB)
  • Tucker, Herbert F.: Review of Isobel Armstrong, "Victorian Poetry: Poetry, Poetics and Politics" (41 KB)
  • Tucker, Herbert F.: Hit and Myth: Modernity, Mythography, and Cultural Incorporation (70 KB)
  • Tucker, Herbert F.: When the Soul Had Hips: Six Animadversions on Psyche and Gender in 19th-Century Poetry (111 KB)
  • Tucker, Herbert F.: Wanted Dead or Alive: Browning's Romanticism (47 KB)
  • Unsworth, John M.: Postmodern Culture: Publishing in the Electronic Medium (21 KB)
  • White, Mark A.: Corporate Environmental Performance and Shareholder Value (79 KB)
  • White, Mark A.: Investor Response to the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill (67 KB)
  • White, Mark A.: Valuing Unique Natural Resources: The Case of Endangered Species (44 KB)
  • White, Mark A.: Environmental Finance: Value and Risk in an Age of Ecology (53 KB)
  • White, Mark A.: Mingle: A Participative Exercise to Motivate the Understanding of Cross-Cultural Differences in International Business (24 KB)
  • White, Mark A.: The "Ecobalance" as a Tool for Environmental Financial Management (49 KB)
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