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Data standards such as XML, SGML, TIFF, and US-MARC are at the heart of what we create and purchase at the Etext Center.

From the earliest draft release of the Text Encoding Initiative guidelines (P1) in 1991 we have been creating full-text humanities SGML and XML documents; the TEI headers to our texts have been converted by a program into US-MARC records in order to ease their inclusion into the general library catalog.

Being immersed in other forms of SGML made us the ideal candidates to introduce HTML encoding to the University community, starting very popular short courses in 1993/4.

In 1997 we joined forces with Special Collections to take part in an NEH grant to implement a "beta" version of an SGML tagset -- EAD, the Encoded Archival Descriptions DTD -- across four universities. This method of encoding archival documents has already taken root in the archival communities, and we were pleased to be able to contribute data creation and delivery expertise to this project.

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