(C) International Organization for Standardization 1986
     Permission to copy in any form is granted for use with
     conforming SGML systems and applications as defined in
     ISO 8879, provided this notice is included in all copies.

 Character entity set. Typical invocation:
       "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES Added Math Symbols: Relations//EN">

ENTITY ape    SDATA "[ape   ]"--/approxeq R: approximate, equals
ENTITY asymp  SDATA "[asymp ]"--/asymp R: asymptotically equal to
ENTITY bcong  SDATA "[bcong ]"--/backcong R: reverse congruent
ENTITY bepsi  SDATA "[bepsi ]"--/backepsilon R: such that
ENTITY bowtie SDATA "[bowtie]"--/bowtie R:
ENTITY bsim   SDATA "[bsim  ]"--/backsim R: reverse similar
ENTITY bsime  SDATA "[bsime ]"--/backsimeq R: reverse similar, eq
ENTITY bump   SDATA "[bump  ]"--/Bumpeq R: bumpy equals
ENTITY bumpe  SDATA "[bumpe ]"--/bumpeq R: bumpy equals, equals
ENTITY cire   SDATA "[cire  ]"--/circeq R: circle, equals
ENTITY colone SDATA "[colone]"--/coloneq R: colon, equals
ENTITY cuepr  SDATA "[cuepr ]"--/curlyeqprec R: curly eq, precedes
ENTITY cuesc  SDATA "[cuesc ]"--/curlyeqsucc R: curly eq, succeeds
ENTITY cupre  SDATA "[cupre ]"--/curlypreceq R: curly precedes, eq
ENTITY dashv  SDATA "[dashv ]"--/dashv R: dash, vertical
ENTITY ecir   SDATA "[ecir  ]"--/eqcirc R: circle on equals sign
ENTITY ecolon SDATA "[ecolon]"--/eqcolon R: equals, colon
ENTITY eDot   SDATA "[eDot  ]"--/doteqdot /Doteq R: eq, even dots
ENTITY esdot  SDATA "[esdot ]"--/doteq R: equals, single dot above
ENTITY efDot  SDATA "[efDot ]"--/fallingdotseq R: eq, falling dots
ENTITY egs    SDATA "[egs   ]"--/eqslantgtr R: equal-or-gtr, slanted
ENTITY els    SDATA "[els   ]"--/eqslantless R: eq-or-less, slanted
ENTITY erDot  SDATA "[erDot ]"--/risingdotseq R: eq, rising dots
ENTITY fork   SDATA "[fork  ]"--/pitchfork R: pitchfork
ENTITY frown  SDATA "[frown ]"--/frown R: down curve
ENTITY gap    SDATA "[gap   ]"--/gtrapprox R: greater, approximate
ENTITY gsdot  SDATA "[gsdot ]"--/gtrdot R: greater than, single dot
ENTITY gE     SDATA "[gE    ]"--/geqq R: greater, double equals
ENTITY gel    SDATA "[gel   ]"--/gtreqless R: greater, equals, less
ENTITY gEl    SDATA "[gEl   ]"--/gtreqqless R: gt, dbl equals, less
ENTITY ges    SDATA "[ges   ]"--/geqslant R: gt-or-equal, slanted
ENTITY Gg     SDATA "[Gg    ]"--/ggg /Gg /gggtr R: triple gtr-than
ENTITY gl     SDATA "[gl    ]"--/gtrless R: greater, less
ENTITY gsim   SDATA "[gsim  ]"--/gtrsim R: greater, similar
ENTITY Gt     SDATA "[Gt    ]"--/gg R: dbl greater-than sign
ENTITY lap    SDATA "[lap   ]"--/lessapprox R: less, approximate
ENTITY ldot   SDATA "[ldot  ]"--/lessdot R: less than, with dot
ENTITY lE     SDATA "[lE    ]"--/leqq R: less, double equals
ENTITY lEg    SDATA "[lEg   ]"--/lesseqqgtr R: less, dbl eq, greater
ENTITY leg    SDATA "[leg   ]"--/lesseqgtr R: less, eq, greater
ENTITY les    SDATA "[les   ]"--/leqslant R: less-than-or-eq, slant
ENTITY lg     SDATA "[lg    ]"--/lessgtr R: less, greater
ENTITY Ll     SDATA "[Ll    ]"--/Ll /lll /llless R: triple less-than
ENTITY lsim   SDATA "[lsim  ]"--/lesssim R: less, similar
ENTITY Lt     SDATA "[Lt    ]"--/ll R: double less-than sign
ENTITY ltrie  SDATA "[ltrie ]"--/trianglelefteq R: left triangle, eq
ENTITY mid    SDATA "[mid   ]"--/mid R:
ENTITY models SDATA "[models]"--/models R:
ENTITY pr     SDATA "[pr    ]"--/prec R: precedes
ENTITY prap   SDATA "[prap  ]"--/precapprox R: precedes, approximate
ENTITY pre    SDATA "[pre   ]"--/preceq R: precedes, equals
ENTITY prsim  SDATA "[prsim ]"--/precsim R: precedes, similar
ENTITY rtrie  SDATA "[rtrie ]"--/trianglerighteq R: right tri, eq
ENTITY samalg SDATA "[samalg]"--/smallamalg R: small amalg
ENTITY sc     SDATA "[sc    ]"--/succ R: succeeds
ENTITY scap   SDATA "[scap  ]"--/succapprox R: succeeds, approximate
ENTITY sccue  SDATA "[sccue ]"--/succcurlyeq R: succeeds, curly eq
ENTITY sce    SDATA "[sce   ]"--/succeq R: succeeds, equals
ENTITY scsim  SDATA "[scsim ]"--/succsim R: succeeds, similar
ENTITY sfrown SDATA "[sfrown]"--/smallfrown R: small down curve
ENTITY smid   SDATA "[smid  ]"--/shortmid R:
ENTITY smile  SDATA "[smile ]"--/smile R: up curve
ENTITY spar   SDATA "[spar  ]"--/shortparallel R: short parallel
ENTITY sqsub  SDATA "[sqsub ]"--/sqsubset R: square subset
ENTITY sqsube SDATA "[sqsube]"--/sqsubseteq R: square subset, equals
ENTITY sqsup  SDATA "[sqsup ]"--/sqsupset R: square superset
ENTITY sqsupe SDATA "[sqsupe]"--/sqsupseteq R: square superset, eq
ENTITY ssmile SDATA "[ssmile]"--/smallsmile R: small up curve
ENTITY Sub    SDATA "[Sub   ]"--/Subset R: double subset
ENTITY subE   SDATA "[subE  ]"--/subseteqq R: subset, dbl equals
ENTITY Sup    SDATA "[Sup   ]"--/Supset R: dbl superset
ENTITY supE   SDATA "[supE  ]"--/supseteqq R: superset, dbl equals
ENTITY thkap  SDATA "[thkap ]"--/thickapprox R: thick approximate
ENTITY thksim SDATA "[thksim]"--/thicksim R: thick similar
ENTITY trie   SDATA "[trie  ]"--/triangleq R: triangle, equals
ENTITY twixt  SDATA "[twixt ]"--/between R: between
ENTITY vdash  SDATA "[vdash ]"--/vdash R: vertical, dash
ENTITY Vdash  SDATA "[Vdash ]"--/Vdash R: dbl vertical, dash
ENTITY vDash  SDATA "[vDash ]"--/vDash R: vertical, dbl dash
ENTITY veebar SDATA "[veebar]"--/veebar R: logical or, bar below
ENTITY vltri  SDATA "[vltri ]"--/vartriangleleft R: l tri, open, var
ENTITY vprop  SDATA "[vprop ]"--/varpropto R: proportional, variant
ENTITY vrtri  SDATA "[vrtri ]"--/vartriangleright R: r tri, open, var
ENTITY Vvdash SDATA "[Vvdash]"--/Vvdash R: triple vertical, dash