(C) International Organization for Standardization 1986
     Permission to copy in any form is granted for use with
     conforming SGML systems and applications as defined in
     ISO 8879, provided this notice is included in all copies.

 Character entity set. Typical invocation:
       "ISO 8879:1986//ENTITIES General Technical//EN">

ENTITY aleph  SDATA "[aleph ]"--/aleph =aleph, Hebrew
ENTITY and    SDATA "[and   ]"--/wedge /land B: =logical and
ENTITY ang90  SDATA "[ang90 ]"--=right (90 degree) angle
ENTITY angsph SDATA "[angsph]"--/sphericalangle =angle-spherical
ENTITY ap     SDATA "[ap    ]"--/approx R: =approximate
ENTITY becaus SDATA "[becaus]"--/because R: =because
ENTITY bottom SDATA "[bottom]"--/bot B: =perpendicular
ENTITY cap    SDATA "[cap   ]"--/cap B: =intersection
ENTITY cong   SDATA "[cong  ]"--/cong R: =congruent with
ENTITY conint SDATA "[conint]"--/oint L: =contour integral operator
ENTITY cup    SDATA "[cup   ]"--/cup B: =union or logical sum
ENTITY equiv  SDATA "[equiv ]"--/equiv R: =identical with
ENTITY exist  SDATA "[exist ]"--/exists =at least one exists
ENTITY forall SDATA "[forall]"--/forall =for all
ENTITY fnof   SDATA "[fnof  ]"--=function of (italic small f)
ENTITY ge     SDATA "[ge    ]"--/geq /ge R: =greater-than-or-equal
ENTITY iff    SDATA "[iff   ]"--/iff =if and only if
ENTITY infin  SDATA "[infin ]"--/infty =infinity
ENTITY int    SDATA "[int   ]"--/int L: =integral operator
ENTITY isin   SDATA "[isin  ]"--/in R: =set membership
ENTITY lang   SDATA "[lang  ]"--/langle O: =left angle bracket
ENTITY lArr   SDATA "[lArr  ]"--/Leftarrow A: =is implied by
ENTITY le     SDATA "[le    ]"--/leq /le R: =less-than-or-equal
ENTITY minus  SDATA "[minus ]"--B: =minus sign
ENTITY mnplus SDATA "[mnplus]"--/mp B: =minus-or-plus sign
ENTITY nabla  SDATA "[nabla ]"--/nabla =del, Hamilton operator
ENTITY ne     SDATA "[ne    ]"--/ne /neq R: =not equal
ENTITY ni     SDATA "[ni    ]"--/ni /owns R: =contains
ENTITY or     SDATA "[or    ]"--/vee /lor B: =logical or
ENTITY par    SDATA "[par   ]"--/parallel R: =parallel
ENTITY part   SDATA "[part  ]"--/partial =partial differential
ENTITY permil SDATA "[permil]"--=per thousand
ENTITY perp   SDATA "[perp  ]"--/perp R: =perpendicular
ENTITY prime  SDATA "[prime ]"--/prime =prime or minute
ENTITY Prime  SDATA "[Prime ]"--=double prime or second
ENTITY prop   SDATA "[prop  ]"--/propto R: =is proportional to
ENTITY radic  SDATA "[radic ]"--/surd =radical
ENTITY rang   SDATA "[rang  ]"--/rangle C: =right angle bracket
ENTITY rArr   SDATA "[rArr  ]"--/Rightarrow A: =implies
ENTITY sim    SDATA "[sim   ]"--/sim R: =similar
ENTITY sime   SDATA "[sime  ]"--/simeq R: =similar, equals
ENTITY square SDATA "[square]"--/square B: =square
ENTITY sub    SDATA "[sub   ]"--/subset R: =subset or is implied by
ENTITY sube   SDATA "[sube  ]"--/subseteq R: =subset, equals
ENTITY sup    SDATA "[sup   ]"--/supset R: =superset or implies
ENTITY supe   SDATA "[supe  ]"--/supseteq R: =superset, equals
ENTITY there4 SDATA "[there4]"--/therefore R: =therefore
ENTITY Verbar SDATA "[Verbar]"--/Vert =dbl vertical bar

ENTITY angst  SDATA "[angst ]"--Angstrom =capital A, ring
ENTITY bernou SDATA "[bernou]"--Bernoulli function (script capital B)
ENTITY compfn SDATA "[compfn]"--B: composite function (small circle)
ENTITY Dot    SDATA "[Dot   ]"--=dieresis or umlaut mark
ENTITY DotDot SDATA "[DotDot]"--four dots above
ENTITY hamilt SDATA "[hamilt]"--Hamiltonian (script capital H)
ENTITY lagran SDATA "[lagran]"--Lagrangian (script capital L)
ENTITY lowast SDATA "[lowast]"--low asterisk
ENTITY notin  SDATA "[notin ]"--N: negated set membership
ENTITY order  SDATA "[order ]"--order of (script small o)
ENTITY phmmat SDATA "[phmmat]"--physics M-matrix (script capital M)
ENTITY tdot   SDATA "[tdot  ]"--three dots above
ENTITY tprime SDATA "[tprime]"--triple prime
ENTITY wedgeq SDATA "[wedgeq]"--R: corresponds to (wedge, equals)