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Tagging Advertisements as Lists

Guidelines for SGML Text Mark-up at the Electronic Text Center
David Seaman, Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia

Advertisements are typically part of your <back> matter and are typically tagged as <list>s.

Example from Eleanor H. Porter's Miss Billy -- Married

<div1 type="advert">

<p>May be had wherever books are sold. Ask for Grosset & Dunlap's list</p>

<label>MICHAEL O'HALLORAN, Illustrated by Frances Rogers. </label>
<item><p>Michael is a quick-witted little Irish newsboy, living in Northern
Indiana. He adopts a deserted little girl, a cripple. He also assumes
the responsibility of leading the entire rural community upward
and onward.

</p></item><label> LADDIE. Illustrated by Herman Pfeifer. </label>
<item><p>This is a bright, cheery tale with the scenes laid in Indiana. The
story is told by Little Sister, the youngest member of a large family,
but it is concerned not so much with childish doings as with the love
affairs of older members of the family. Chief among them is that
of Laddie and the Princess, an English girl who has come to live in
the neighborhood and about whose family there hangs a mystery.

</p></item><label> THE HARVESTER. Illustrated by W. L. Jacobs. </label>
<item><p>“The Harvester,” is a man of the woods and fields, and if the
book had nothing in it but the splendid figure of this man it would
be notable. But when the Girl comes to his “Medicine Woods,”
there begins a romance of the rarest idyllic quality.

</p></item><label> FRECKLES. Illustrated. </label>
<item><p>Freckles is a nameless waif when the tale opens, but the way in
which he takes hold of life; the nature friendships he forms in the
great Limberlost Swamp; the manner in which everyone who meets
him succumbs to the charm of his engaging personality; and his
love-story with “The Angel” are full of real sentiment.

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