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Appendix II: Recordable CD-ROMs

Guidelines for SGML Text Mark-up at the Electronic Text Center
David Seaman, Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia

Some simple precautions:

  • Avoid dust and fingerprints before recording
  • Avoid sudden changes in temperature
  • Neither write nor use adhesive labels on the CD itself -- instead, use the ID number etched on the collar around the central hole [for the Verbatim disks that we use, this is a 12-digit number]. Write this on the jewel case label.

UVA only: Cataloging the CD-Rs we create:

  1. Write the CD. Click here for guidelines.

  2. Label jewel case with the 12-digit CD id number.

  3. Create a file listing from the CD: to write out the contents of a CD to a file, go to DOS and issue the following command:
    dir d: /s >c:\data\filename.txt

    where filename is the last eight digits of the ID number of the CD.

  4. Open CD Cataloging web form, naming it after the last eight digits of the CD id number. Fill in the blank fields.

  5. Filter the header. The SGML version will appear in etext/Done/cd/cd-out.

  6. Combine the header and the list of files into a single file.

For more information, see the following:

National Media Laboratory: Media Stability Studies (magnetic tape, optical disk, paper, microfilm)

Preserving Digital Information. Report of the Task Force on Archiving of Digital Information.

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