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Guidelines for SGML Text Mark-up at the Electronic Text Center

David Seaman, Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia


In addition to <teiHeader> and <body>, some texts may also have two other main sections: <front> and <back>. The former typically encloses prefatory text such as an introduction or table of contents; the latter marks off appendices or indices.

Back Matter

This section contains any material that follows the work proper:

   For Example:

<TEI.2 id="AusEmma">
[Source and processing information goes here]

<text id="AusEmma">
[Front Matter Text Goes Here]

[Main Body of Text Goes Here]

[Back Matter (appendices, index, etc.) Goes Here]

Structural Division Attributes within <back>:

     Each division should be tagged with a numbered <div1>:

Examples of Tagged Backmatter

The following examples of backmatter markup are drawn from encoded texts at The Electronic Text Center:

Eleanor H. Porter's Miss Billy -- Married (1914):

  1. <back>
    <div1 type="advert">
    <p>May be had wherever books are sold. Ask for Grosset & Dunlap's list</p>
    <list> <label>MICHAEL O'HALLORAN, Illustrated by Frances Rogers. </label> <item><p>Michael is a quick-witted little Irish newsboy, living in Northern Indiana. He adopts a deserted little girl, a cripple. He also assumes the responsibility of leading the entire rural community upward and onward. </p></item> <label>[TEXT GOES HERE]</label>
    <item>[ETC.... ETC....]</item>

    To see what this encoding looks like when it becomes HTML, CLICK HERE

    Walter Dill Scott's Increasing Human Efficiency in Business (1914)

  2. <back>
    <pb n="333" />
    <div1 type="index">
    <item>Ability, potential, 231.</item>
    <item>Accidents, mine, 96.</item>
    <item>Acclimated, 17.</item>
    <item>Acclimatization, 18.</item>
    [ETC... ETC....]

To see what this encoding looks like when it becomes HTML, CLICK HERE

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